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The importance of high-quality property photos when selling your house

Apr 14, 2023

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As potential homebuyers flick through newspapers or scroll websites of infinite properties, seize their attention with stunning, high-quality photographs of your charming home.

Good-quality photos make a huge difference in converting a scroller into a physical being inspecting your property. They’re your first impression, so make them count.

The better your photos, the more traffic you’ll have at your home opens and the more people in touch with your real estate agent. This can significantly cut your property’s time on the market and hopefully get you closer to your asking price. After all, your big investment ought to deliver a big return.

Below are our tips for getting the most out of your property photos and upping your sales prospects.

Invest in professionals.

Homes with professional photos sell faster.

While they are an expense, professional photos are totally worth the investment. If it’s for an investment property, you’ll be able to claim them as a tax deduction.

A professional real estate photographer, complete with high-end equipment and superb editing skills, is the difference between a good shot and a bad one. Day in and day out, their job is to create well-exposed and composed photos, so they know all the tricks and techniques to get it done.


While professional photographers will know how to use lighting to create well-exposed photos, you might want to negotiate for that particularly dreamy time of day.

Twilight photo shoots are a popular choice in real estate photography due to their stunning results, particularly for the exterior shots. The sunset hues of golden hour produce a magical effect that a day shoot could never mimic.

If lighting is a problem inside your home, don’t worry too much. Natural light isn’t overly important because photographers use an external flash during the day and photos can always be brightened during editing.

Rain, shadows and harsh sun can also make photographing more challenging, so try to avoid or mitigate these where you can.

Standout features.

Every home will have its own unique selling points. Your photographer will know what features of your home to accentuate and what will stand out in photos.

Your photos will tell a story about what it’s like to live in your home. Is it a gardener’s dream, a bachelor pad, a romantic abode or a spacious family home? Your photos should reflect and embolden that story to draw in your target demographic.

Photographers typically spend a little more time capturing the external shots, as they are the face of a home and usually offer the most unique shots. Same with the kitchen and living area, the heart of the home, where most people spend the majority of their time.

If your property is vacant land or a knock-down house, aerial or drone photography might be a good option. It’s great for showing a property’s dimensions, location and proximity to points of interest.

Complete the checklist.

Generally, you’ll receive a presentation checklist from your photographer (or real estate agent) before the shoot. Complete the checklist as this will ensure your home is at its most presentable, making the photos more visually appealing. Your home should be tidy and free of clutter (no unmade beds or dirty dishes), which can be off-putting to buyers. Opening the curtains and turning all the lights on will make your rooms bright and airy, and your home more inviting.

Selling your house?

If you’re thinking of selling your property, contact our team at Ascent Property Co to ensure you’re financially structured to see the biggest return from your investment.